Our Team

  • Pastor joe Marzano

    Pastor Joe is senior pastor and founder of Grace in the Wilderness Fellowship. He is married for over 25 years to Bonnie Marzano, enjoying life with their three children: eldest son Luke Marzano and his wife Amanda , daughter Jo Jo Fabian and her husband Joshua Fabian living in Sharon, PA and their youngest, Ben Marzano.

    As previous youth pastor and counselor for 11 years, Pastor Joe has a background in counseling people with mental health and drug and alcohol addictions. His wife Bonnie, and God are his encouragement.

  • Pastor Dave Perrine

    Pastor Dave Perrine is in charge of the Sunday School program and communion preparation as well as substituting for Pastor Joe. He is married to Jennifer Perrine and their son Luke Perrine with his wife Jamie Perrine.

Administrative Board

Elder Al Cole is the Bible Study leader. His wisdom and preparation in delving into the Word coupled with his passion for God blesses those that attend. He and Pastor Dave are on the Board of Elders. He is married to Judy Cole.

Members of the Administrative Board are Jenny Perrine, Betty Iliff, Al Cole, and Luke Marzano. The Administrative Board makes the financial decisions for the church.