We were created to worship. As a Christian, our spirit inside of us longs to release worship to the God of all Creation.

Our worship is a blend of modern contemporary as well as hymns. The manner of our worship may vary, but our mode of worship remains to glorify Christ Jesus.

We use biblical worship, using instruments and voices to praise our God (Psalm 150).

We firmly believe that if you don't like to worship, you will hate heaven, as we will be singing with all the angels of heaven for eternity. Singing and playing instruments are only a couple of ways we worship God.

We worship God with our lifestyle, living for Him and denying ourselves. We worship God with our finances, giving to Him a part of what He already owns.

We worship Him with our time, which He gives to us to use for His glory.

We worship the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We worship God because we love Him.